Tuesday, 3 February 2015

What's in my bag?

Take a look at some of the things I take around with me everyday. Shall we dissect?

1) Where To Next planner - This just has to be around because I doodle a lot and take pride in the fact that I like writing down my plans much more than having them in my phone or laptop.

2) Sharpie pen - I have a really hard time writing with anything else. I'm weird like that.

3) My NY DKNY Perfume - I used Victoria's Secret's Bombshell forever, until the day I tried this bottle. Sooooo good, it's kind of addictive! 

4) Sunnies by Charlie sunglasses - I'd go blind without a pair sunglasses, seriously. Need them in my life. All day, everyday. 

5) Fisheye, Macro, and Wide clip-on lenses - These come in handy when I wanna take cute photos with friends or of like.. my food. lol. 

The Makeup Bag (of course)

1) Nivea Creme - My skin dries up really fast, so having this small little thing with me is super useful!

2) Mac Bronzing Powder (Golden) - I am definitely more of a bronzer person than a blush person, so I take this everywhere.

3) Neutrogena Healthy Skin 3-in-1 Concealer for eyes - Fun-but-not-so-fun fact: I have really bad allergies. There are days when I sneeze like 10 times in less than a minute and on those days I have really dark circles under my eyes! The worst! I make sure I always have this concealer with me cause I never know when my allergies are going to kick in. Need this stuff like water. 

4) L'oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream - The reason why I love this so much is because it does 4 magical things: primes, corrects, hydrates, perfects. It's my favourite thing on the planet. Need this stuff like..air.

5) Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner (Sepia Ink) - This stuff I use as a cheat because I use it on my brows as well. It lasts forever so it works for me!

6) Voluminous False Fiber Lashes - The miracle working mascara. Best results, I promise!

7) Chanel lipstick (Rogue Allure) - I'm not really a lipstick person so I like this shade because it isn't strong and it doesn't dry up my lips. I carry this with me just in case there's a change of plans and I need to pull my look together a little more.

8) Nivea Lip Butter (Raspberry Rose) - Did any of you guys ever eat Fruitella when you were a kid? This is that and that is this hahaha! This lip butter doesn't only keep my lips moisturised, but it also smells exactly like strawberry Fruitella. Sarraaaap

9) Keratin Complex Volumizing Dry Shampoo Lift Powder - Without this = humidity: 1 - Kiana: 0

10 Tweezers - Just in case.. you never know!

11)12)13) Blush/ Bronzer brush, Foundation brush, Eyebrow spool

14) Beabi kit - Isn't it so cute? It was a gift to me over the holidays and I instantly fell in love. 

*I forgot about my Nivea Gently Facial Cleansing Wipes (as seen in the first photo) - Without this = Manila pollution: 1 - Kiana: 0

| Salvatore Ferragamo vintage bag |


  1. Your bag is so pretty! Us girls like to put in a lot no? I change the contents of mine all the time especially makeup but the staples are my phone, wallet, and battery pack

    1. Thank you! Yes I carry a lot of stuff with me! I really need a battery pack hahaha

  2. Kiana I love the BB cream where can I get that and also the mascara and shampoo. Any tips please??

    1. I buy my BB cream by bulk when I'm in the states. I'm not sure if the sell it here hehe. The mascara was a gift and as for the dry shampoo, I think they sell this stuff in department stores and salons :)

  3. Hi Kiana I wanna ask what camera you usually used for taking pictures like photos on ur blog