Friday, 10 May 2013


Stop number 2. Preparing for Europe, I was told that the weather wasn’t going to be that bad. Baguio weather they said, and they couldn’t have been more wrong. I was freezing! I didn’t exactly bring the right type of clothes because when I was packing, everyone was saying “Oh it’s not going to be that cold” or “No don’t bring those boots, it’s spring”. Walking to the airport parking lot, I had flashbacks of all the clothes I could have but did not bring!

We flew from Dublin to Geneva at around 6am Saturday morning, and then from there took our promoter’s gorgeous van all the way to Zurich. Saturday night was dad’s show, which was amazing as always. And on Sunday we were all finally able to rest. I’m not even joking, I only left my bed for breakfast, lunch, and bathroom breaks and of course dinner.

In Lucerne/Luzern.