Monday, 2 February 2015

My Best Beautiful

I watched the #BestBeautiful interview of KC Concepcion for Olay Conversations the other day, and the first thing that came to mind when I started watching this video was “Wow that’s ate Kc!” and the second thing that came to mind was “Wow we have so much in common.”

I am very open about how I feel about growing up in the spotlight. I have countlessly shared the pros and cons of the life I was born into. Watching this video and hearing everything my ate said just reassured me that everything I am feeling is completely normal. If you haven’t already read my post about my trip to Davao, then allow me to once again share a little bit of what  growing up as a Valenciano was like. 

Photo taken by Anton Aguila at my 90s themed 22nd birthday party

It is not a secret that my father plays one of the most iconic roles in the music industry, and just like ate Kc, as the years go by I continue to grow more and more proud to be his daughter. However, because he is so iconic, there is so much pressure for me to fill in his shoes and follow in his footsteps. Ever since I was a child people have asked me “Are you going to be a singer like your dad?” or “Do you have any plans of joining show business?” and of course “How does it feel to be the daughter of Gary V.?”. It is kind of like everyone already has their expectations and bars set for me and I haven’t even really started my career yet. Where does that leave me?  Do I follow in his footsteps or do I make my own path? Questions like these would be so much harder to answer if my parents weren’t supportive of every single thing that I do. Thank God He blessed me with parents who push me to be whoever I want to be. 

I am currently trying to show people that I am not my father. I graduated from fashion school, I don’t sing, act, or talk like him, and I have no plans of singing, acting, or talking like him. Not because I don’t want to, but because I am my own person. I guess what I'm trying to say is that by being myself and by doing the things that I love, I am being my Best Beautiful. 

How about you? You can check out this interview by checking this out:

KC Concepcion for Olay Conversations