Sunday, 30 March 2014


People Are People top | Topshop shorts | Praiaz shoes

I know it's been a while since I last posted anything but seriously, I am drowning in school work! With our graduation show coming up I spend most of my time running around buying last minute fabric options and finalizing my designs. A few days ago I finally had some free time so I decided to go swimming with a few friends because really, the heat these days is just unbelievable! Here's what I wore that day before jumping into the pool. The top I'm wearing was a t-shirt I bought back in high school from the mens' section of People Are People. I chopped it up the moment I got home! I grabbed a pair of high waisted shorts to go with it and threw on my new, and incredibly comfortable, pair of Praiaz shoes! It's a really simple outfit but I hope you guys still like it anyway.  :)

Monday, 3 March 2014


Forever 21 top, shorts, and sunnies | Aldo bag | Bamboo loafers

When it comes to getting dressed for school, some days I prefer to wear heels and some days I pick out a cute pair of flats to indulge my laziness. On the day I wore this outfit though I had no choice but to wear flats because I sprained my ankle in 7107. Yup. It's been 2 weeks since that amazing weekend and I still can't really walk properly or wear heels. *Sigh* Anyway, I decided to dress as comfortably as I possible could on my first day back in school because I didn't want to encounter any problems as I limped my way into the classrooms. Of course I added a pop of color and sequined loafers to help brighten up my black and white outfit.

Hope you guys like it.. and my new hair hihi.

Photos taken by the greatest yaya ever known to mankind. 

Monday, 24 February 2014

That 90's Shirt

Vintage top | Topshop high waisted shorts | Sunnies by Charlie

Here I am, in my element. 

I've been told by a bunch of my friends that they never really see me as happy in the city as I am when I am in the beach. Can you blame me? The sun, the sand, the way the saltwater (even though I'm allergic) affects my hair. Can't you guys tell by my arms in the air in these photos how much I love the beach? 

On our first day I decided to throw on this shirt because it was the lightest, easiest thing to just take off and put back on after swimming and jetskiing. A little tip for everyone reading this right now, go through your parents' closets! I found this Rihannaesque top in the back of her closet under all her other amazing vintage tops with different cuts, prints and patterns. I'll be wearing a lot more of my mom's old stuff from now on, that's for sure!

Photos by Nicolas Alleje

Except this one. I took this gorgeous shot.

Friday, 21 February 2014


Mimi denim polo | Topshop cropped top | Mango jeans | Salvatore Ferragamo vintage bag | TheBelleSoeurs sunnies

Here is yet another laid back outfit that has been dressed up with the help of heels. If you haven't noticed, I happen to do this quite a lot. There is just something about the right pair of shoes that makes us women feel more confident and more presentable. Am I right? I know I'm right! Plus it's always nice to wear an outfit that can easily be dressed up or down at any point in the day!

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Grey, White, Nude

Q3CjpT on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

o9jZvV on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs 

Aeropostale tank top | Forever 21 skirt | Charles & Keith bag | Stradivarius sandals

Not a single black piece in this outfit. Somebody hand me an award!

Why do I have GIFs? Because my yaya/photographer didn't know she was taking videos of me and not  photos. I didn't want the videos to go to waste so I turned them into GIFs, which I think I will be doing from now on! 

Photos were taken using my HTC One