Tuesday, 2 September 2014


Forever 21 dress | H&M belt | Calvin Klein heels | Pacsun sunnies

August 23, 2014 marks the day another one of my cousins decided to tie the knot. It was a gorgeous sunny day in Florida and it was a beautiful wedding. Congratulations Quina and Jonathan!

Because it was a morning wedding I wanted to keep my outfit simple (nothing new here) and just throw on a maxi dress. The thing is, I was way too insecure to wear it alone because I felt like I gained a ton of weight before the wedding day. I lovingly blame In-N-Out. Thanks to my sudden drop of confidence I spent a couple of hours running around the mall the day before the wedding, looking for the right belt to um.. hide behind. ANYWAY, found the belt, found a cute purse and thankfully, everything worked out.


  1. There's an uncanny resemblance between you and Kylie Jenner!

  2. I thought it's Kylie Jenner! :)

  3. I love your blog sooooo much. The photos are perfect as well as you. What camera u've used for these photos? It's perfect!