Sunday, 11 May 2014

Summertime Madness

K8 shorts | Aeropostale bag | Posh sandals

If it weren’t for my mother persuading me to get out of bed to meet her for lunch I would have never been able to witness such a breathtaking view (and amazing food).  I think I’ve pointed out quite a number of times before how much I love the beach and summer. If I could, like if life was fair, I would without a doubt live by the ocean. I loooove the sound of waves, having sandy toes, sun kissed skin, and uncontrollably wavy hair (sometimes).

On the day I had lunch with my parents in Shangri-La I anticipated the Boracay heat and decided to wear as little clothing as possible but at the same time look presentable enough to be sitting at a dining table.  My parents said I looked good so I think I succeeded!

Looking through these photos makes me wonder why on earth I’m in the city and not lazing away on the sand somewhere. 

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1 comment:

  1. Cool! Love the photos. What camera u've used for these? Your so cool!