Friday, 15 November 2013


DRESS : Martin Bautista for Cinderella
HEELS : Dorothy Perkins

I have always been obsessed with old Hollywood and how the women of that time always looked so effortlessly glamorous and chic no matter what they had on. It was like they all had a certain level of confidence that women today no longer really have. Reading in to it I learned that a lot of them got their confidence from finding just the right outfit, hat, or pair of heels to wear. I never fully believed in that until I saw and put on this dress. The color, the long sleeves, the slit, everything about it was just screaming "WEAR ME!" And so I did.

By the way, I set my camera on timer and left it on a trash bin to take these photos. Thank God they turned out okay! 

1 comment:

  1. Amazing! It didn't look like that you just put in on a timer (in a trash bin). You look very gorgeous.

    xx Diana