Thursday, 10 October 2013

Tutus and Things

Top : Love Culture
Skirt : Self made (for school)
Heels : H&M
Jacket : Forever 21

Again, I would like to apologize for the quality of my photos. My SLR still isn't working but I can't let that stop me! Here's a little something I put together for dinner and a night out with my friends. I actually made that tutu for a school project entitled "Punk's Not Dead" about a year ago. What do you guys think about it? Too much? Just right? I hope you guys like it. Let me know! x


  1. Do you follow a specific diet plan or you just eat whatever you want and not get fat? I adore your styleeee. :)

  2. its just perfect. it really suits you.

  3. Hi, Cristel! I usually eat whatever I want..and gain weight. Hahaha! But recently I've been adding more greens to my diet. :)

    Thank you, Creestal!

  4. Hi there! I just want to know what your school is so that I know which schools I should consider going to study fashion design in the future. Thank you!

  5. Charlene, I study in Raffles Design Institute :)