Monday, 15 December 2014

Olay Aquaction Intensive Treatment Mask

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved face masks. When I was kid I’d even put on DIY face masks with my cousins and friends, so when I received a package from OLAY I was beyond excited. The first thing I pulled out, of course, was the Olay Aquaction Intensive Treatment Mask. The delivery of the package was quiet timely as well! Since I’ve been working a lot more over the past month, all the makeup and late nights have really taken a toll on my skin. Thankfully I got this sweet gift and I was able to put it to good use!

One thing I loved about the mask is that it's so easy to put on. You literally just take it out of the packet and lay it on your face like a wet towel. Another is it's not sticky and stiff like other face masks, so I was comfortable and relaxed. And my favourite thing about the mask is how it made my skin feel and look afterwards! Like I said in my instagram post, I'm not even gonna lie, my face felt like silk! 


  1. Hi Kiana! Where can I buy these? Thanks! :)

    1. You can buy this in department stores and leading supermarkets! :)

  2. Hi! How much is this one? Is it okay to use this even if u have oily skin?