Sunday, 5 October 2014

Preview Shops Suite Blanco

Upon receiving my invite to the Preview event for the launch of Suite Blanco in SM Makati, I immediately knew that I wanted to go. It wasn't until late last month that I fell in love with Suite Blanco and their array of clothing styles, and I just couldn't wait to see their latest collection. Of course, I want to thank everyone from Suite Blanco and Stylebibleph who invited me to pull out clothes for the event. I felt like I was playing dress up in the store! After having chosen what I wanted to wear, we (all the other guests and I) were asked to head to the outside of the store where a program was prepared to introduce the latest looks of Suite Blanco. The show, which was hosted by Kim Jones, was a success, and once it was finished we all rushed back to the store to go shopping. Congratulations to everyone from Suite Blanco and Stylebibleph who worked hard on this event! It was a lot of fun!

*Please excuse the quality of the photos. These were all taken on my phone because it was a pretty hectic day.*