Sunday, 13 July 2014

Thrift Gift


thrifted top | Forever 21 skirt | River Island sandals | Mango bag
Photos by the boyf, Nico Alleje

In the middle of my usual Pinterest binge I came across this article entitled 7 Reasons Why Money Can’t Buy You Style and it was just the perfect thing to read. The reason why I'm sharing the article with you is because the writer makes so many good points about not needing expensive clothes and brands to look good and be stylish. The top I'm wearing in these photos was actually bought from a thrift shop somewhere in Cubao Expo. I really am so amazed by how so many pretty brands and clothes end up in thrift stores. To be honest, thrift shopping is one of my guilty pleasures. It's like going on a treasure hunt and when you find something pretty (that not everyone has), it doesn't cost you much at all! 

I woke up yesterday morning wanting so badly to stay in bed but having to drag myself out for my godson's baptism. YUP, that happened. Another tip I learned from countless articles on line is that makeup plays a huge role in finishing and even making a look. Though I'm not usually the type to wear lipstick (I hate it. It's gone in 5 minutes), I decided to try on a red lip for once since my outfit was pretty simple. I'm so glad I experimented because now it's my favorite shade! Officially obsessed.