Monday, 24 February 2014

That 90's Shirt

Vintage top | Topshop high waisted shorts | Sunnies by Charlie

I've been told by a bunch of my friends that they never really see me as happy in the city as I am when I am in the beach. Can you blame me? The sun, the sand, the way the saltwater (even though I'm allergic) affects my hair. Can't you guys tell by my arms in the air in these photos how much I love the beach? 

On our first day in Subic I decided to throw on this shirt because it was the lightest, easiest thing to just take off and put back on after swimming and jetskiing. A little tip for everyone reading this right now, go through your parents' closets! I found this Rihannaesque top in the back of my mom's closet under all her other pretty vintage tops with different cuts, prints and patterns. I'll be wearing a lot more of my mom's old stuff from now on, that's for sure!

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