Tuesday, 30 April 2013


As expected, my body clock is officially messed up. I guess it's okay though because with Labor Day weekend coming up, who knows when I'm actually going to be able to get on the computer again. Oh, Dublin. I think the reason why I haven’t gotten over Dublin is because it was the city we spent the least time in. We got there on Thursday, the show was on Friday, and we left Saturday morning for Switzerland. I was able to go around a little bit on Friday before the show but it definitely wasn’t enough. Driving around, I fell in love with the small vintage boutiques, the street art, and the architecture in the city. I really do feel terrible that we weren’t really able to explore but I’m excited because that just means we have to go back someday soon!

Looking extra faded after getting off the nearly 24-hour trip from Manila to Dublin.

For the first time ever I found out why the doors are all colored differently! Correct me if I'm wrong but I was told that the Irish are really well known for their love for whiskey and beer. The reason behind the colorful doors is that most of the houses look the same at night and the only way to tell the difference between each house is by the color of the door. 

Walking around with my mom after the show. iPhone photo quality sorry!

PS. Sorry there aren't that many pictures up of my family and me. We really weren't able to go around together. I will post more pictures from the rest of our trip soon though so wait for those! 


  1. i love your blog kianna, i am your fan my name is gigi from leyte. I love how you carry your clothes you are really a fashionista!! xoxo

  2. what camera did you use for the photos? :)